As a graphic and web designer, I have been creating websites for more than 10 years informally. I started with message board layouts and progressed to personal and commercial websites. Going into college I knew I wanted my career to involve creating websites and so, ever a creative person, I decided to major in Graphic Design. After graduating I worked in the ad agency industry, the television industry and the web design industry.

Currently I live in Plano, Texas and am looking to further my career and find my way into a management position. I hope to work for a forward-thinking company that has potential for growth where I can play an important part in.

When it comes to interests and hobbies, I have a large amount including painting, drawing, sewing, writing, reading, playing music on my clarinet, and volunteering. I am a bit of a humanitarian and love to give as much as I can, which currently involves being a part of Big Brother Big Sister.